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     Award Shows
    From the BAFTAs to the Academy Awards, watch Jake strut the red carpet, tux and all!
    Videos of Jake supporting great causes and with fans at various movie premieres!
    Watch fun interviews discussing his movies!
    Talk Shows
    Tons of great interviews with people such as Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien!
    TV Appearances
    Various appearances Jake has made on television!
    TV Specials
    101 Hottest Hotties Countdowns, You name it Jake's made it!

    Movie Specials
    Learn behind the scenes information from movies like Proof, Jarhead and Brokeback Mountain!

    Movie Trailers
    See the trailers of most of Jake's movies here!

    Paparazzi Videos
    Watch Jake pose for the paparazzi at parties like "The Vanity Fair Oscar Party"!

    Miscellaneous Videos
    Because sometimes you just don't know where they go!

    Audio Clips
    Listen to Jake's sexy voice in funny radio interviews!